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We supply kits to convert shipping containers and vans to kiln dry firewood.  These kits are designed for firewood processors and firewood packagers/distributors.

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Kiln Dried Firewood

Want a way to kiln dry your firewood in 3-6 days instead of 6-12 months ? Try a Global Container Kiln. Your customers will love the dry, easy to light firewood while you have huge savings in inventory (drying time) and can produce and sell dry firewood in the middle of winter, when the other firewood dealers have run out of seasoned wood and are selling green wood.  If you need to heat treat your wood, this is the kiln for you.  Available in single or three phase motors.

Our optional Lumber Dry Kiln Kit allows you to run this kiln as both a firewood kiln and a lumber kiln. Dry dimensional lumber, siding, flooring, timbers, poles and moulding.

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Drying Time for Kiln Dried Firewood

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Global Energy provides full kiln kits, parts and consulting.  We can also provide energy solutions that allow you to use your wood waste fired hot water to make electricity via the Infinity Turbine.

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